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LUBE-A-BOOM Product Family


Friction Reducing Lubricants

LAB, LLC, is a leader in providing specialty lubricants to the lift industry for telescoping boom cranes. aerial lifts, tele-handlers, forklifts and a multitude of other types of equipment and applications. Our original LUBE-A-BOOM® uses a synthetic thickener and contains PFTE to provide a lubricant unsurpassed for sliding surfaces. Less friction means longer wear pad life and minimizes chance of any boom chatter. Our LUBE-A-BOOM® AEROSOL uses this same formula and allows an easier way of applying. Both products also provide excellent corrosion and rust protection.

Our other fine products include: LUBE-A-ROPE™ for wire rope, slings, cables and chains; LUBE-A-BOOM® DRY FILM AEROSOL for applications where a wet type lubricant cannot be used; LUBE-A-GEAR™ AEROSOL for open gear applications. LUBE-A-PIN™ is a synthetic grease that is excellent for pins, bushings and bearings. LUBE-A-BOOM® CLEAR AEROSOL contains silicone and is not only for sliding surfaces but is a multi-purpose product. LUBE-A-PAK™ contains one of each of above and allows you try our full product line.

Note: The original LUBE-A-BOOM® and LUBE-A-PIN™ come in various sizes. View our products details for more information.


LubeJet-eco Spray Gun by MATO GmbH

This Air Operated Grease Spray Unit enables the spraying of LUBE-A-BOOM® grease direct from the Lube-Shuttle® cartridge without the need for propellants or chemical additives such as solvents. Adjustable grease flow, volume and spray pattern for precise spraying and uniform surface coating. Reduce grease costs, less mess, applies faster, uses all of the product in the tube. A cleaner solution for lubricating telescoping booms and other applications.

Lever type and pistol grip LUBE-SHUTTLE Grease Guns are available. These guns use LUBE-A-BOOM® grease in a 15oz shuttle tube (p/n LAB027).


From Our President

While working for a major crane and aerial lift manufacturer for many years and with crane/aerial lift dealers we ran into situations where customers complained about jerky or erratic booms. The industry needed a product that was slicker, stayed on and lasted longer. No off-the-shelf product for telescoping booms was available which had the additives I wanted. This led me to work with a major chemical company to provide this product. I'm sure you will find LUBE-A-BOOM® superior to anything else on the market.
Sincerely -- Harley Wilson

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"At Crane Rental and Rigging we have used lots of different greases in the past to find the right grease to keep our booms sliding smooth. We found LUBE-A-BOOM® to perform to our standards in the heat as well as the severe cold. We tested LUBE-A-BOOM® on our Grove GMK 5180 and LTM1400 Liebherr. We found it to outperform any previous greases. We now use the product company wide and have not seen any problems with boom wear pad wear and we have not had to re-grease as frequently as before."
Dennis Brockhaus
Service Manager
Crane Rental & Rigging
Sioux City, IA & Sioux Falls, SD
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