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LUBE-A-BOOM Product Family


Friction Reducing Lubricants

LAB, LLC, is a leader in providing specialty lubricants to the lift industry for telescoping boom cranes. aerial lifts, tele-handlers, forklifts and a multitude of other types of equipment and applications. Our original LUBE-A-BOOM® uses a synthetic thickener and contains PTFE to provide a lubricant unsurpassed for sliding surfaces. Less friction means longer wear pad life and minimizes chance of any boom chatter. Our LUBE-A-BOOM® AEROSOL uses this same formula and allows an easier way of applying. Both products also provide excellent corrosion and rust protection.

LUBE-A-BOOM® Products

From Our Founder

While working for a major crane and aerial lift manufacturer for many years and with crane/aerial lift dealers we ran into situations where customers complained about jerky or erratic booms. The industry needed a product that was slicker, stayed on and lasted longer. No off-the-shelf product for telescoping booms was available which had the additives I wanted. This led me to work with a major chemical company to provide this product. I'm sure you will find LUBE-A-BOOM® superior to anything else on the market.
Sincerely -- Harley Wilson

LLEAP SILVER AWARD Freedom Alliance Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association



"We have been using LUBE-A-BOOM® products in our fleet of National Cranes (15-55 ton & 110 ton Grove) for seven years are very pleased with the results. Temps range from 80° C to -40° C in Northern Alberta and our fleet also works in very dusty and muddy conditions. We find LUBE-A-BOOM® grease holds up well under these conditions on boom sliders, outrigger beams, boom pins and rotation bearings. LUBE-A-BOOM® aerosols also saves us time in lubing our booms as well; outperforming all other products."
Laurence Schindler
Parts and Maintenance
SLH Picker Crane Service and Piledriving
Alberta, Canada

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