“slick just got slicker”™
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Who We Are

The Beginning

While Harley Wilson was working for a major crane and aerial lift manufacturer for many years, he met customers who often complained about jerky or erratic booms. He recognized that they needed a product that was slicker, stayed on and lasted longer.

Harley found no off-the-shelf products for telescoping booms that could deliver the properties he wanted. This led him to work with the lab of a major chemical company to create the right product. The result led to a complete family of specialized lubrication products for the lift industry… and more.

The Company

Harley and Marilyn Wilson founded LAB, LLC in 2002, building on Harley’s experience as a service representative for Grove Manufacturing (now part of the Manitowoc Crane Group). He knew that chatter can be a safety issue in critical lift situations and that premature wear-pad failure or boom damage were significant costs to equipment owners, in both parts and downtime.

Others before Harley had attempted to create a “home brew” of grease and additives, such as STP* or PTFE, to come up with a slicker solution. But Harley saw that these homemade greases, with no engineering standards or consistency in production, were not the path to a reliable solution for customers. Also, since these lubricants are such a “niche” product, the major oil companies were unlikely to take up the challenge.

Harley and Marilyn seized the opportunity, deciding to start with a “clean piece of paper” to commission an established lab to develop the formula to Harley’s specifications. The new company took its time to refine the mix, field test the product and set the necessary standards. Finally, the LUBE-A-BOOM® name was trademarked and its first production run was completed in July, 2003.

The LUBE-A-BOOM Family

The LAB team saw that other equipment niches could be well served by the friction-reducing properties of LUBE-A-BOOM. With continued development, the initial lubricant was formulated for pins, bushings and bearings as well. A LUBE-A-BOOM aerosol followed soon after, released into the market by April, 2004. The aerosol is a very unique product that not only sprays on easily, but leaves a film unlike anything else in the marketplace.

The LAB team was deeply saddened by the passing of Harley Wilson, our founder and friend. Harley mentored us well and, under the able leadership of Jo Roberts, we will proudly continue to build on his legacy of innovation and service.

A Simple Idea

LAB was built on the belief that lubricants that solve equipment problems or extend service intervals will always be in demand. That simple truth led us to a simple sales strategy. “Try our Family of Products against what you are presently using and let the best one win.”

Listening to customers led us to create a product and a brand we can be proud of. Should you have any questions, comments or a testimonial please feel free to tell us what you think.

Thank you to everyone using and selling the LUBE-A-BOOM Family of Products.

* Trademark of STP Corporation