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15oz aerosol
p/n LAB031

LUBE-A-SHINE® is a waterless wash and wax. It instantly cleans, polishes and protects equipment easily without using water. Removes tar, diesel, grime, bugs, tree sap, grease and more. Silicone-free LUBE-A-SHINE® instantly gives equipment a beautiful shine anywhere, anytime.

LUBE-A-SHINE® with Carnauba wax contains no harmful CFC's or abrasives. It is ideal for non-porous exterior surfaces including chrome, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, polished metals and more. No prewashing, no water, no scratching and no swirl marks!

Directions: Shake well and apply in a shaded area. Spray a light coat over a small area of the surface to be cleaned. Wait 20-30 seconds. Using a clean cloth (microfiber cloth is recommended) buff to a shine. Best when used in temperatures above 50°F and when equipment is free of caked-on mud and abrasive matter.

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LUBE-A-SHINE® AEROSOL can be purchased through our dealers nationwide.