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"Bryan Gibson from Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) has tried other lubricant products in the past. "The other lubricant manufactures don't match LUBE-A-BOOM'S product. The aerosol cans are convenient for our mechanics and equipment operators. With our boom truck fleet out in the field, we need a product that will last and stay on the booms longer."
Bryan Gibson
Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO)
Las Vegas, NV

"We have been using LUBE-A-BOOM® products all over the world in a multitude of climates, and are very pleased with the results. For example, in a mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (where we battle both precipitation and dust seasonally) we see that the Grease holds very well under heavy rain and the Aerosol Dry Film lets the booms remain cleanly sliding under the dustiest of conditions."
Monty Tamer
Monty Tamer International Crane Corporation, Inc.
Bayside, NY

"At Crane Rental and Rigging we have used lots of different greases in the past to find the right grease to keep our booms sliding smooth. We found LUBE-A-BOOM® to perform to our standards in the heat as well as the severe cold. We tested LUBE-A-BOOM® on our Grove GMK 5180 and LTM1400 Liebherr. We found it to outperform any previous greases. We now use the product company wide and have not seen any problems with boom wear pad wear and we have not had to re-grease as frequently as before."
Dennis Brockhaus
Service Manager
Crane Rental & Rigging
Sioux City, IA & Sioux Falls, SD

"Today was maintenance day at PHOENIX CRANE AND RIGGING and after cleaning up and reapplying the Lube-A-Boom Dry film to the jib pins I realized I have no gotten back to you. After 3 months of use I have finally ran out of the DryFilm can. Really surprised the amount of use I was able to get from one can. Started with the DryFilm on the outriggers. Could tell a difference right away on the ease of extending and retracting, before they would shake and chatter a bit when reaching full extension. Now they go in and out smoothly. Two of the companies I previously worked for used Lube-A-Boom. After looking into other lubricants I decided to stay with the Lube-A-Boom products. Along with the DryFilm product, I have been using Lube-A-Rope, Lube-A-Gear, Lube-A-Pin and Lube-A-Boom in both the aerosol and lubricant form on a Link Belt HTC 8650 for about 3 months now. Could not be more pleased with the results from each product and how far each can or tube of grease goes when applied properly. "
Derek Emerson
Phoenix Crane and Rigging
Dyersville, IA

"We own two Grove TMS 250's, a Terex T340 and a TMS 500E. When we purchased our Terex T340, there was a squealing noise coming from the turntable bearing. We were using a conventional grease. We tried LUBE-A-BOOM®. Since that day the noise went away. We have continued to use this product on all of our truck cranes from that day on. "
Mike Beausoleil
Mike's Crane Service of St. Lucie County, Inc.
Port St. Lucie, FL

"When Bosco's Cranes' 65 ton Tadano All Terrain Crane boom was not sequencing, they called Flaherty Equipment Repair, Inc. Upon examining the boom, Mike Flaherty found that BOSCO CRANE had the wrong type of lubricant on the boom. The lube they were using was too sticky for proper functioning. The boom was cleaned and LUBE-A-BOOM® was applied. There have been no further problems with this boom. "
Bosco Crane
Westwood, MA

"Finally! There is one company that satisfies all our lubrication requirements and the best part is, it is reasonably priced. Whether we need to lubricate a load cable, load chain or pinion gear LUBE-A-BOOM® has the right product for the application. "
Richard Wehrmeister
Advanced Overhead Crane
Crosby, TX


Owns: Terex and National Boom Trucks

We use LUBE-A-BOOM® because it works in all weather conditions, from cold rain to extreme heat, stopping the chatter caused by telescoping the boom in and out. The aerosol spray can allows employees to apply the product easily, making lubrication maintenance hassle-free."

John Santana
Santana Crane, Inc.
Salem, OR

"An Industry leader in engineered structural crane repair and restoration. WHECO uses LUBE-A-BOOM® because it is easy to apply, maintains its consistency regardless of temperature (doesn't get firm in the cold or gooey in the heat) and it just works better than traditional boom lubricants products. "
Mark Williams
Project Manager
WHECO Corporation
Richland, WA

"Along with our rigging and millwright business, our industrial forklifts and cranes share time in our rental fleet. Because of the harsh environments our fleet is subjected to, some at foundries, we have found the perfect solution for fork carriages, booms and outriggers. "All equipment is prepped for jobs and rentals with LUBE-A-BOOM® DRY FILM and LUBE-A-ROPE™ lubricants before leaving the shop, period". "
Robert Parker
Parker Machinery
Indianapolis, IN

"LUBE-A-BOOM® works on boom sliders better than grease and lasts longer. Also, we use it on our jib pins that makes it easier to erect and they do not rust. We have been using it on our Grove cranes for the last three years. "
Andy Egan
Egan Crane & Rigging Service
Melbourne, FL

" We are proud to say we have been in business since 1946 in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area. Over the years we have tried a lot of different products to maintain our equipment but none have compared to the LUBE-A-BOOM® brand products. We now use it on all our cranes from our 5 Ton Crane Carry Deck to 250 Ton Cranes. We have found thatLUBE-A-BOOM® has outperformed all the other products we have used in the past. We even useLUBE-A-BOOM® on our Landoll sliding axle and extendable trailers. Now, these products are used company wide on our entire fleet. Thank you, Mike Flaherty at Flaherty Equipment for introducing us to LUBE-A-BOOM®!"
Imperatore Crane Rental & Rigging Services
Cranston, RI

""The All Family of Companies has been using your products on our fleet of cranes for several years now. We have found them to be especially useful on our ALL terrain fleet consisting of Liebherr, Grove, Linkbelt and Terex Demag cranes. Our customers expect a lot from our cranes and we expect a lot from the products that we use on them". "
Larry Jeppe
Corporate Parts Manager
All Erection & Crane Rental

"We have been using LUBE-A-BOOM® products in our fleet of National Cranes (15-55 ton & 110 ton Grove) for seven years are very pleased with the results. Temps range from 80° C to -40° C in Northern Alberta and our fleet also works in very dusty and muddy conditions. We find LUBE-A-BOOM® grease holds up well under these conditions on boom sliders, outrigger beams, boom pins and rotation bearings. LUBE-A-BOOM® aerosols also saves us time in lubing our booms as well; outperforming all other products."
Laurence Schindler
Parts and Maintenance
SLH Picker Crane Service and Piledriving
Alberta, Canada

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